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The Green Hornet's Rolling Arsenal

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Kato's Control Panel:
 Kato's Control Panel

Located in a special area under the front passenger seat, it housed some of Kato’s special crime-fighting tools. It also allowed Kato convenient access to some of The Black Beauty's more commonly used effects, such as the front and rear rockets.

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Rear TV Screen:
 Rear TV Screen

Used in conjunction with the camera located on the scanner, this screen had several other capabilities, including television reception.

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Rear Speaker and Oscilloscope:
 Rear Speaker and Oscilloscope

A multi-function panel that could track moving vehicles and/or monitor bugged locations. The oscilloscope was able to pick up various sound vibrations and frequencies. Its combination of features proved handy for a variety of purposes: a loud speaker... police band monitor... directional finder... scanner tracker... or a signal jammer.

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Rear Main Control Panel:
 Rear Main Control Panel

The main control center where all of the weapons could be accessed and controlled by The Green Hornet. The pull-out panel is located in a special partition behind the driver's seat.

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Hornet Rear Phone
 Hornet Rear Phone

Standard early design mobile unit for making and receiving telephone calls. A VERY big deal in the 1960s!

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Privacy Divider Panel:
 Privacy Divider Panel

Houses the controls and effects for access by the Green Hornet.

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Hidden Weapons Pockets:
 Hidden Weapons Pocket

Not often seen on screen. Pockets are located in the "C" pillars to hold gas guns and other crime fighting equipment.

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Hornet Door Control Panel:
 Hornet Door Control Panel

Not seen on screen. Possibly created for future effects.

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Smoke Screen:
 Smoke Screen/ Silent Running Mode

In one episode, the smoke screen was utilized to prevent aircraft from taking off. In another, “Eat Drink and Be Dead”, it became a tool of deception for making The Black Beauty appear disabled. However, the effect was likely devised to provide cover for our heroes when making an escape.

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Silent Running Mode:

Also, in the TV series, The Black Beauty was able to run in "silent" (stealth) mode.

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Rear Gun:
 Rear Gun/ Rear Whisk Brooms

(Not seen in the TV series) A retracting "gun" comes from the center of the rear bumper. Based on the nozzle, it appears to have been capable of providing several types of effects…but probably best suited for creating a rear oil slick. Electrically controlled.

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Rear Whisk Brooms:
 Transmitting Ring

(Not seen in the TV series) Dropping down behind the rear wheels, two whisk brooms could brush up any tracks the tires might have made. Electrically controlled.

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Revolving License Plates:
Revolving License Plates

By alternating between various license plates, this presumably would have aided in "disguising" The Black Beauty and hinder tracking.

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