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The Green Hornet's Rolling Arsenal
Although not a part of The Black Beauty itself, weapons utilized by The Green Hornet and Kato were (for the most part) stored inside their car. For the sake of completeness, we have included these crime-fighting tools here for your viewing pleasure…"Hornet Sting, check!"

The Hornet Sting:
 The Hornet Sting

  The Hornet Sting was a sonic disrupter type of weapon. It emitted an intense concentration of sound which could blast through locks, doors and walls.

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The Gas Guns:
 The Gas Guns

The Green Hornet's guns delivered a potent, but non-lethal knockout gas. Used to incapacitate foes quickly.

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The Gas Masks:
 The Gas Masks

Seen briefly in the two-part episode, “Beautiful Dreamer”. The gas masks provided our heroes protection against the knockout gas emitted from their Gas Guns or The Black Beauty. These masks were intended for use each time gas was utilized on screen, but this idea was promptly abandoned. Besides proving cumbersome for the actors to wear under their face masks, the apparatuses also covered their mouths... thus obscuring the dialogue (and necessitating postproduction voice-overs). Despite these drawbacks, Van Williams indicates the short-lived gas masks were well made and comfortable, something that's unusual for a TV prop.

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Kato's Nunchaku:
 Kato's Nunchaku

Used by Kato, this black-painted weapon consisted of two hardwood sticks joined at their ends by a short length of chain.

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Transmitting Pocket Watch:
 Transmitting Pocket Watch

Used to communicate with The Black Beauty. The pocket watch had an extending antenna and a rear talk-through speaker.<

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Transmitting Ring:
 Transmitting Ring

Generally concealed by The Greeen Hornet's topcoat. The ring was used as a homing transmitter to signal The Black Beauty.

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The Scrambler:
 The Scrambler

This device was placed over the telephone mouthpiece to disguise Britt Reid's/ The Green Hornet's voice.

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Hornet Flashlight:
 Hornet Flashlight

The Green Hornet's special and compact flashlight.

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Kato's Darts:
 Kato's Darts

Kato's darts delivered varied amounts of injected venom. Non-lethal, they were used to incapacitate foes quickly.

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Black Beauty Remote Control:
 Black Beauty Remote Control

Seen in one episode, “The Secret of The Sally Bell”. This device could start or drive The Black Beauty, and/or operate its weapons system, entirely from a remote location. A short video clip of the remote contol in action is provided above. (FLV format/ 319 KB)

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Bugging Devices & Electronic Trackers:
 Bugging & Tracking Devices  Bugging & Tracking Devices

Either planted in certain locations to receive audio transmissions discreetly, or placed on persons or vehicles to allow electronic tracking.

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Timed Explosive Belt Buckle Charge:
 Timed Explosive Belt Buckle Charge

The charge was used to destroy whatever it's placed upon.

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Kudos to A. Pennyworth (a.k.a. John Haig) for providing video captures displayed on our "Gadgets" & "Weapons" pages!

For an indepth look at The Green Hornet's crime-fighting tools and attire, please visit John's well researched site!

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