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  Click To Enlarge The "Sioux City" Car…

This Black Beauty replica was alleged to have been incorrectly showcased as THE "Green Hornet TV car" (complete with a 'Kissin' Candy Mints' backdrop) at an Orlando, Florida comics convention in 1994.

For years afterwards, the car had all but vanished without a trace... until sharp-eyed individuals spotted it in Sioux City, Iowa, near the stockyards.  Hence its nickname.

The "Sioux City" car is reported to be somewhere in California for restoration.

Click To Enlarge Eric Sharp's "California" Car

This replica is said to be Eric Sharp's built-in-California car. The base auto is believed to be a 1964 Imperial Crown. Recently confirmed leads indicate this Black Beauty was once offered for sale through eBay, so it has most likely changed hands. This car resides in the bay area of California.

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