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The "Sunroof" Beauty…

The first Black Beauty replica to be made was by George Barris (although rumored to have been built by Dick Dean). It is commonly referred to as the "Sunroof" car. Originally a 1964 Imperial, you can see how its design features differ from that of the Jeffries-built Beautys. Barris' interpretation looks to be an attempt to bring some levity to an otherwise serious looking vehicle. George Barris constructed this first replica in 1974.

The "Sunroof" Beauty was sold in 1983, at Rick Cole's auction of vehicles from the now-defunct Hollywood Motorama Museum. Apparently, the car had fallen on hard times and was in dire need of a major restoration job... enter Scott Casagrande.

Scott focused his efforts on removing excess props and restoring more of the original-type equipment to its former glory. The fully restored car could be seen in parades and at various East Coast events for a number of years.

 Click To Enlarge While in Casagrande's possession, the "Sunroof" Beauty was chronicled in a truthful and fun article by Kevin Provost. The write-up was featured in the October 1988 issue of Starlog Magazine.

When Casagrande sold the car in 1992, it quickly disappeared into a private collection. It resurfaced in March of 2009, when Bud Ward's Auction Company put this historic replica on the auction block. The vehicle was part of the estate liquidation of Chris Zora of Texas.

This car is now in the Detroit area.

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Another From Scott…

Scott Casagrande later created his own Black Beauty, basing it on design elements he favored. Scott (in photo at right with Van Williams) has displayed this car in the New York/ New Jersey area. The car can still be seen at conventions.

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